Monday, September 2, 2013

July, August

 Syrian Demoiselle.. taken by Moshe,  mid August , nr Cfar Blum, upper Jordan

Sdei Trumot 23rd July

several pairs/groups spur winged plovers about the pool, very active and vocal
1 pair pied kingfishers seen heading low over water from near to far bank.
egret heading off, prob little.

otherwise, about, graceful warblers,  some UI with clear repeated sibillant whistle by waterside but no time to investigate.


Tristram's pair noted a couple of times, 1 call repeated, not the usual three tone but sharp.

generally quiet,  flock hillslopes north west on ground, mixed jackdaw, hoodie foraging.

various sizes bee-eater flock, today several dozen together over hillslopes to north east , brief upset as raptor tried for them from below a few times..  falcon, couldn't make out well, in some views resembled sparrowhawk.. the female kestrel in that area?  Not hobby. (25th July)

Some hobby sightings recently still. Blackbirds, jays noted foraging but quiet.

general activity low, even graceful warblers less vocal,  some calls stone curlew late afternoon dusk and after.  greenfinch twitterings down last couple of weeks

Hyrax variety calls chitters around sunset. 

bulbuls quite vocal edge neighbourhood. Have heard ring necked parakeets about the gardens lately. Occasional sunbird calls but not as much as were earlier in the season.  HOuse sparrows as usual, feral pigeons and laughing dove activity. 

Main flowers out: thin safflower, carline thistle, some capers.

13 August Route 90 

Just north of Mifgash HaBikah  SCORES of white storks flying about over Tirzah reservoir.. couldn't count exact number and not time to go over there regrettably..

At Sdei Trumot spur winged plovers about, one in parking lot, very vocal.  pied kingfishers  over water. no herons or egrets seen.  

End August New thistle seen and photographed by north watercourse, don't recall seeing it before.  IDd  by Sarah Gold's site as Cirsium phylocephalum.  
Height . tall ones on one side just over 5 feet, those on watercourse side much shorter, not more than two feet