Thursday, December 20, 2007

Overcast days and puppies

Tues Dec 18
9-14 degrees C, ~ 4 p.m. 11 degrees C, Humidity: 70% and rising, Wind, WNW 6-8 kt
Monday wildlife update: Orange tufted sunbird in full song in the Bauhinia outside my window again.
Also seen and/or heard. Blackbirds, Hooded crows (20 fly by from northern foraging grounds to windsurfer hill), white wagtails, house sparrows, jackdaws, Eurasian jays, black redstarts, stonechats, (gazelle field and up slope by valley road), spectacled bulbul, laughing dove, some light cooing, once up to 4 notes, graceful warblers, (garden and gazelle field), Syrian woodpecker calls, House sparrows, feral pigeons.
Feral dog pack checking out a camp some boys made behind look-out corner. They had two puppies with them, each no more than two months old. On the way back we startled two more puppies from a den on forest side of valley road, husband had impression they were a little more developed than the two with the pack.

Wednesday wildlife update:
range 7-13 degrees C, westerlies most of the day, mostly clouded.

In the garden: Orange tufted sunbird, House sparrows, white spectacled bulbuls, great tit, graceful warbler close to dusk
Within earshot also Hooded crows, Jackdaws.

overcast with intermittant rain and some thunder
range 6-10 degrees C, ~4 p.m. 9 degrees C, humidity ~70% and rising, wind SE veering to S, 4-8 kt (yes and bringing rain, unusual, rain usually arrives from west. )

Most birds keeping a low profile, relatively quiet. House sparrows and white spectacled bulbul heard in the garden and hooded crows from farther off. Black redstart at the bunker ruins on rebars, calls of more around the woods. Eurasian jays busy foraging but quiet, greenfinch group foraging, quite vocal. Great tit calls. Graceful warbler calls. Gazelle show! Hornless grown individual grazing by large tree in the dry walled fields

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