Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Catch-up to Tuesday

This stream makes its way down (west to east) through the middle of Mir Forest and joins the main east valley stream just south of the bridge by the pumping station. Taken late afternoon today.

Mon Jan 21st

Walk rained out. From the house heard hooded crows, house sparrows, jackdaws, white spectacled bulbuls, sunbird calls, laughing dove coo

Tues Jan 22nd. Range today: 3-7 degrees C

From the house: house sparrows, hooded crows, a laughing dove coo

5.16 p.m. shortly after return: 3.2 degrees C, humidity 97%, wind SSE 9.6 kt
Several streams flowing vigorously. On the negative side, the water was a little sudsy, probably from run off from the pumping station and urban drains. I am concerned that some of the chemical gunk in the suds may be the cause of the eucalyptus sickness though of course it could be something else, can't jump to conclusions.
On the plus side several signs have been put up in the forest for drivers. Indicates that the Keren Kayemet (Jewish Agency) are taking a little more interest in the Mir Forest. Good because those saplings planted last year need attention.

Almost rained out today.. raining for most of mid afternoon, softened to drizzle by 4 p.m and almost nothing shortly after. Cold though but I was wearing two sweaters and a jacket and my fingers adapted quickly.

Great tits heard in pines, female chaffinch spotted on top of a cypress. Hooded crows returning from forage, feral pigeon hunkered on top of a solar boiler, might be a little warm on top of that:) There's often just enough sun to provide hot water by solar power part of the week in winter. Just a couple of hours in the morning helps.

By look-out corner, husband spotted Eurasian sparrowhawk returning to eucalyptuses from gazelle field area, graceful warblers heard in gazelle field, black redstart heard around rubble but not spotted. Blackbird 'chack' calls in the woods.

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