Thursday, February 7, 2008

Plenty spring activity

Chaffinches: Female top, male below.. courtesy of Ruthie Schueler.

Range: 5-12 degrees C

Heard from the house: house sparrows, white spectacled bulbuls.
5.40 p.m. (on our return) 9.2 degrees C, 28% humidity, wind 1.7 kt SE Sky mostly clear, a little scattered cumulus.

Friend and neighbour Avraham Broide joined us today to share with us his extensive knowledge of the valley from his own walks and to become better acquainted with the local birds. To that end we brought along with us my Lars Svensson guide, (and then was kicking myself that I hadn't already tagged the pages I'd be likely to be using. Always a good plan when showing what we're looking for or at, saves a lot of time)

Look out corner.. most notable, flock of white wagtails returning to roost from north to south calling as they flew, at least 50 followed by a couple of smaller groups.

Quite a few hooded crows around in tops of cypress, probably prospecting for nesting sights. Eurasian jays, some calls. A few chaffinches noticed on tops of cypresses just off valley road. Feral pigeon flock in flight and ranged on building roof top edge as usual. Great tits active and vocal in pines, near look out corner and along the bank, some song. Graceful warbler heard in a garden on from our way down, briefly glimpsed by Mr. Broide. Male blackbird alarm calls heard at dusk just south of central trail.

Some Hyrax active. Group of gazelle noticed running behind the old orchard from north to south, headed to cypresses by east field, at least four individuals.

Calls of black redstart heard by pumping station.

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