Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Threatening rain and more bee-eaters

This pic of shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris) was taken a couple of weeks back. Now the seedpods are turning yellow and brown and we've already seen ants carting them away. These seeds are used by women to limit bleeding after childbirth. I have drunk plenty S.P. tea after my babies were born:)

Gundelia..prickly relative of the sunflowers. This one was taken on the northern slopes north of the mystery field and hidden orchard grove but today we saw one down in the eastern end of gazelle field.

Neglected to mention yesterday pair of falcons flying over north valley from A Ram to our neighbourhood, probably common kestrels. Also rock hyrax noticed around the quarry.
Husband also noticed a single wagtail, apparently white but he thought it looked a touch smaller than the na'halieli we've been seeing over the winter.

From the house, heard
Temps 9-16 degrees C today, at about 6 p.m., humidity 61%, winds WNW 7 kt
Threatening cumulus rolling in around sunset, possibly rain soon.

First birds we noticed flying together high over Hizmeh were a pair of hobbies.. hopefully this summer's main breeding pair.. they flew lazy circles around each other gradually gaining height, occasional flap to keep position but mostly gliding on air currents, not using a thermal I don't think, not really warm enough for that but using the winds to tack and glide around.

Heading down into the valley heard graceful warblers, blackbirds, some song, a flock of ~20 bee-eaters hawking over centre woods, part of gazelle fields and eucalyptus and pine groves. Jackdaws, Eurasian jays, swifts, collared doves active. Black eared wheatear calls from east end of gazelle fields and the hillslopes just beyond the fence. Falcon hunting over hill just south of Hizmeh, I think kestrel but didn't get good view. Stone curlews calling north gazelle field toward sunset.

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