Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pleasant breezes

(Honey) Moon rising over Hizmeh (last week. )

Today's range 13-24 degrees C. When we headed out not long before 6.30 p.m. the skies were clear, temps about 21 degrees C, humidity about 45%, wind 10-12 knots westerly (veering south westerly on and off through the day)

Gazelle spotted running by central trail, husband judged one of last year's young by size.

Collared doves, some vocal. Turtle dove heard cooing along east watercourse path. Hooded crows active foraging and vocal in many places. Jays active and busy foraging. Stone curlews active and vocal. As we emerged from the eucalyptus grove to check out the east field two wheeled around us calling, perhaps alarmed, and headed off toward gazelle field. We wondered if we might be near their nest so we kept a careful watch out on the ground so that we wouldn't step on anything. A falcon, quite light coloured, spotted gliding low over east field very briefly. Hoopoe seen flying into the pistaccio trees. Great tit calls from the pines of east valley, both parents and young. House sparrows are back foraging in gazelle field again as they did about this time last year, probably for grass seeds, though not in great numbers. Greenfinches in song and seen but did not find the chaffinch today. Large family of graceful warblers in the sapling field, using a stand of old milk thistle for cover. Blackbirds active, both high pitched and chakking alarm calls heard (probably taking care of fledgelings) and some song both at 6.30 p.m. where central trail leaves valley road, and later at about sunset near the pumping station. White spectacled bulbuls calling from trees along the bank between valley road and the buildings.

Capers, Echium and some Centauria still in bloom. More Eremostachys noticed on the bank by valley road. The common oregano scented spiny scrub was smelling beautifully aromatic today. Still bearing old berries, the purple flowers not out yet.

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