Saturday, May 30, 2009

Miscellaneous, and lotsa hyraxes

Hyrax parent and little one at 'cypress slum' .. taken by husband a few days ago.

This moth landed on this young eucalyptus stem mimicking in both general colour and shape the buds farther up the stem. This is all the more interesting since the eucalyptus is not even a native tree. A little lower on the same euc growth was this lacewing. This pic does not do justice to this diaphanous insect. I hope to get a better pic on another occasion.

A zoom of part of the pinwheel Nigella showing seeds, below, the seeds in the palm of my hand. A scattered them in a suitable area nearby.

Brief report for Thursday, Friday and Saturday:

Gazelle: Friday late afternoon, a few scattered on the hillside just north of gazelle field. One just beyond the batcave, grazing, another a little farther east. Husband found a couple more walking, then grazing.

Hyrax: A LOT of activity of the 'cypress slum' colony lately, lots of little ones making a ''thwitter" sort of call. An adult by the road on a rock gave a short ''ark!" bark as we passed that sounded like a warning to the others, but didn't feel threatened itself, just watched us for a little while before scampering under the rocks. I'll probably share more cute li'l hyrax pics over coming days.

Plenty Syrian woodpecker activity, calls, glimpsed various places between and on trees.

All doves cooing, feral pigeons in eaves of buildings, laughing doves in gardens, turtle doves and collared doves in the woods.

Great tits active, foraging, greenfinches twittering and chawing, some calls of shrike in gazelle field trees, call of young great spotted cuckoo in new pine grove. Swifts overhead occasionally but bee-eaters not heard. Some chukar partridge calls but stone curlews relatively quiet lately. Occasional brief hobby calls

Jackdaws and Hooded crows vocal, to and from neighbourhood, over valley and about. Jays active in the pines.

Sunbird and white spectacled bulbuls active and vocal in the garden as well as house sparrows. Hope I haven't overlooked anybirdy.

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