Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First flowers of the Goldilocks

Goldilocks has bloomed! I was delighted to confirm today that the green clumps we've seen growing up for the last few weeks were indeed 'Goldilocks' Chiliadenus iphionoides, as they finally flowered today after the touch of the first rains. I had I.D. this plant from a pic taken by the north watercourse dirt road end of September last year. They were waving a great deal in the wind today so I didn't get anything sharper than this, but want to try again because the detail of the small flower could be interesting. Many clumps were on the north facing hillslopes and other places.

I found this beetle running fast across the dirt road.. it paused for rest on this upright rock where I got this pic. I don't know which it is yet but that distinctive marking on the back should help I.D.

Moths of this kind seemed quite numerous on the open hillslopes, amongst the dry thorny burnet, as were grasshoppers below.

Finally, another pic which Moshe wished to share with you, taken by Avremi in the bottom of the pit the boys explored last week. This one gives some idea how expansive the space is down below despite the narrow entrance. Brightness enhanced.

Sunbird calling very short sharp calls and foraging right outside my window early afternoon, male, bright and beautifully iridescent. Bulbuls around, various calls, house sparrows heard chirping earlier, jackdaws heard numerous times as well as occasional hooded crows.

In the woods: Hobbies active and vocal over north watercourse, flying around overhead or perched in tops of cypresses, good look out positions. Kestrel also there recently. At least two individuals about. Collared doves about, Eurasian jays heard calling, blackbird alarm, Syrian woodpecker calls. Occasional shrikes heard lately.

No gazelle but fresh scat about, and hyrax alarm calls heard lately from various colonies.

Weather: Just under 18-27 degrees C, humidity, from 45% early afternoon to just over 95% at night. winds, westerly/north westerly 2-11 kt

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