Monday, April 5, 2010

More images from the Wadi Qelt outing, plus

Another dragonfly resting on a rock in the middle of the watercourse. Getting one's feet wet is part of nature photography:)

Above: Roman Nettle, Urtica pilulifera- found along the watercourse bank, shaded by the ubiquitous giant reed.

Hollyhocks (Alcea (setosa?) (Bristly hollyhock, most likely I.D.), the largest representatives of the mallow family, are native to the middle east, and, though they seemed incongruously showy on the slopes of Wadi Qelt amongst the wild cereals, they are quite at home.

This blood red dragonfly stayed obligingly in front of me on the trail as if posing for a photo.

Below: more vegetation found in Wadi Qelt on friday.

Sunday 4th April
Akiva heard European cuckoo call from inside the house. The call is far carrying, it could have been either side of valley road. Later he also heard oop oop oop call of hoopoe. I heard Orphean warbler around dawn as well as bulbuls, sunbirds, house sparrows and laughing doves.

Monday 5th April
Late afternoon walk: Upper NW slopes of windsurfer hill.. 7 mountain gazelle grazing, not including any adult bucks. All appeared to be adult females.
Some hyrax activity by valley road, down on the boulders, cypress slum colony.

Birds active: great tits, greenfinches, collared doves, jackdaws, hooded crows, great spotted cuckoo heard somewhere north east gazelle field. later: stone curlews

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