Sunday, August 12, 2012

August cont'd

Sunday 12 August

lots of hyrax scampering about and vocal today, colony by valley road.. also Shadiker colony has been active lately.. .. hobby call in the cypress by bat cave, Syrian woodpeckers in the eucalyptus, great tits in the Pistacias, bee-eaters about, calls of hoodies, jackdaws, all the doves: feral pigeon, laughing doves about street and gardens, , collared and turtle doves on line in valley, Prinia calls and in the garden, sparrows, sunbirds and bulbuls as usual.

Blue skies. temps upper 20s during walk, peaked at about 32 degrees C earlier, humidity over 60% and rising.

Perseid meteor showers.. Avremi saw one from the garden last night, Akiva saw a bright green one this (sunday) evening

Monday 13 August

watched two kestrels gliding about together over to the east, over bipass road then heading up over Hizmeh, several gazelle including the Pistacia family, (buck, female, young) , at least three more foot north east slopes of windsurfer hill, also a female near north watercourse, lots of hyraxes about by valley road, great tit family foraging in Pistacias, calls of Syrian woodpeckers various parts of woods around look-out, various doves on lines, collared, prob turtle but no cooing, bee-eater calls heard on and off since we left the house, cicadas in the Pistacias, and lots of oriental hornets about. Geckoes also heard around building lately.

Lady living in the street (daughter of Basha Zusman) noticed in old city geckoes on walls facing down watching.. if saw cockroach would run down and bite head.

Saturday 25th August

Relatively quiet today.. Hoodies active as usual, quite a bit of hyrax activity by valley road today and lately. Eurasian jay calls heard but nothing from woodpeckers or bee-eaters. Greenfinches and collared doves also quiet. Some collared dove calls in last week but no turtle doves. Glimpses of sparrowhawks lately including today over east watercourse.

Carline thistle and thin safflower still blooming, some Polygonum near beginning of valley road near fig tree, probably getting effluent. Around there also on banks around and below Shadiker and other places, Inula starting to bloom. Still some shrubby restharrow flowers out and by east watercourse dirt road a late blooming thistle with small lilac blooms and olive green foliage, spiny spear like leaves.

Akiva noticed bird running in open space by road in north, from description, cream coloured courser. They also saw pied and white breasted kingfishers in Park HaYarden area as well as cattle egrets.

Black kite over Malkishua, Gilboa area.

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