Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hoof of gazelle leg found by top of shepherd's trail this afternoon 22nd Sept.Views side, underside, top and side

 Above.. flowers of spiny asparagus noticed by east watercourse dirt road 21st Sept. photographed 22 nd September.

Also noticed Sharp Varthemia in bloom 22 Sept, just a few flowers yet on plant in the open just up from top of shepherd's trail, lower north west slopes windsurfer hill

2nd Sept  

Sdei Trumot 

1 pied kingfisher perched on low flat post above water still, temp about 40 early aft.  Several terrapins swimming about in water, saw head up, then down again, at least two pairs of spur winged plovers round banks, one over by right across, other near bank under eucs took off. dragonflies

white storks Tirzah.. about a dozen.

7 Sept

harsh calls around look out corner area.. could be shrikes again.. also discovered from Malkishua Sardinian warblers can sound like that.
Lots of Hyrax activity by valley road including mother with kits.
Gazelle in lower east field and Pistacias, at least half a dozen in former area running about.
Lots of Syrian woodpecker activity, calls jackdaws, hoodies. covey of chukar east field slopes just up from shepherd trail.
Akiva saw grey bird of prey like bird,  said thursday very similar, mat dark grey above but not as dark as hobby, lighter below.. on thursday clearly saw white rump but that only on a male hen harrier? rather early in season for that 
Sunbirds heard singing in last week in Bauhinia and a couple of other places

8 Sept

Tristramit heard from garden.  Akiva has also heard lately occasionally.  Ring neck parakeets seen and heard in neighbourhood by ourselves and neighbours in last week, when I saw, pair flying about over gardens .. also between our neighbourhood and Pisgat Zeev

12 Sept Thurs

Neglected to record.. about a week ago several large dark birds.. size, outline honey buzzard I'd say, settling down into trees behind look out corner, coming down to roost for night.. spooked out a collared dove.

Back to present..  last few days Masked shrike heard regularly near look out corner/Pistacias and along north watercourse, a couple glimpsed amongst acacias, eucs, lower branches , or flitting from ground to trees.  Syrian woodpeckers active and vocal. Kestrels about, hunting over valley as well as sides, more bold because hobbies left, and coming into their territory?  Some great tits heard but not every day. Jackdaws and hooded crows heard regularly. Occasional graceful warbler calls but their activity down too, and collared doves and blackbirds very low profile.

At least three hoopoes in look-out corner, hoopoe stretch area yesterday. 

In gardens laughing doves cooing every day, feral pigeons on roofs, between buildings, sparrows active, vocal, flocking somewhat, on the move between gardens looking for opportunities, some bulbuls also like that in pairs or small groups, also sometimes heard in watercourse trees.

Several kestrel sightings lately over valley, covey of chukars north west lower slopes windsurfer hill, calls of masked shrikes heard, Syrian woodpeckers very vocal and active lately,  Jays occasionally, hooded crows and jackdaws regularly, noted flock of hoodies returning from foraging to north. 

First rain .. light with no thunder or lightning on 21st Sept. late afternoon.  Much cumulus/cumulonimbus about.. had noted some nice altocumulus day before and cirrus

24 th September 

Sdei Terumot.. temp 30 degrees C there..  several pied kingfishers about,mostly perching on opposite bank, one on post about 3 feet out of water , 2 little egrets,  not together, some dozens of metres apart across water 1 grey heron,  1 white breasted kingfisher just above water outlet, 1 common kingfisher on branch bit by water on my side, flew across with call and hunted from row veg sticking out of water on other side,  so saw all three local species of kingfisher within about five minutes.. that's a first !  a few pairs of spur winged plovers about.

Did not see white storks up above Tirzah but westerlies moving lots of cumulus along and wind conditions against thermals in that area.

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