Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brief sunday report, rain

Walk was interrupted by rather heavy rain when we reached look-out corner but not without a sighting of three gazelle vanishing into the new pines by gazelle field. Unfortunately didn't manage to get them into binocular sights due to rain, lighting and their quick move for cover.
East valley stream was flowing a little and will no doubt by flowing nicely well into the evening.

Rain on and off all day, range 8-13.5, though no lower than 9 last night. ( ~8 now and still falling)
Time of walk: ~10.5 degrees, 85% humidity, winds W/NW, 8-14 kt.

Blackbirds heard singing today, house sparrows and graceful warblers heard calling in the garden, husband heard a Tristram's grackle from the hillside beyond the end of our street, somewhere up west of the pumping station. Black redstarts/chiffchaffs heard in the trees, blackbird alarms in the forest and, very briefly, I thought I heard the white breasted kingfisher from up towards look-out corner as we approached from the south, but just a second of call and no repeat. Hooded crows also about.

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