Saturday, January 3, 2009

The 'king' is still around.

Weather at time of walk (shortly after 4 p.m. ) Temp: 9 degrees C and falling rapidly, (Today's range:4.5 -10), humidity rising to 50%, winds E/NE almost still at that time of day. South easterlies that morning.

Gazelles: 1 seen without visible horns entering north valley pines from gazelle field at a trot.. from big almond?
hyrax: Plenty activity by vally road today.
dogs: Some barking lately.

The king is still around! At dusk the white breasted kingfisher started a nice ruckus in the eucalyptus by look-out corner, usual old haunts. Nice to hear him again!
black redstart and stonechats.. no sign at bunker ruins.. I think we need to go much earlier in the afternoon when the hunting for insects is better, they probably quit there early in this cold and take to the trees.
House sparrows:activity in the gardens as usual. Still no peep from sunbirds. Harsh time of year for them. I put crumbs out on the bird table.. house sparrows appreciate that. Laughing doves too, I know they like the sesame seeds on the bread. I tried plain peanuts hanging in the willow tree in the hope of enticing great tits some time ago.. no luck with that yet but the house sparrows go for them.
Hooded crows: Some calls.
Jackdaws: Many calls today and yesterday of a flock active over to the east.
Blackbirds: Some dusk calls near pistaccio grove again, another regular, regulars I should say, at least two voices chakking.

Graceful warbler, heard, and spotted foraging in clump of ragwort on the bank near north end of valley road.
Syrian woodpecker: calls in pine grove just east of cistern again.

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