Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pomegranates begin to swell

Colours of the season. A pomegranate beginning to ripen. Akiva took this one near the cistern about sunset today. Below, a view of boulders and miscellaneous vegetation on the hillside.

Gazelle: Two near the bat cave.. those two adult males - we assume they're the same ones. Not part of the bachelor herd nor connected with the females and young. Akiva tried to get shots but they were two distant, pics too grainy and none that showed both sets of horns.

Bee-eaters: heard calling over north valley, gazelle field.
Hobbies: Calls heard near east end of north valley, south side, towards sunset
Swifts: Calls heard towards sunset.
Turtle doves: Coos heard
Hoopoe (?) I heard an 'oo oo oo' while husband was photographing that pomegranate but didn't repeat, sadly. They can sound so much like doves and other birds, it's the sheer monotony of the call that gives it away.
Collared doves: quieter today and don't recall hearing blackbird song either
Eurasian Jays: glimpsed
Feral pigeons: building tops on the street as usual.
Great tits: activity and calls between acacias by north valley watercourse and pines.
Greenfinches, graceful warblers, jackdaws heard from the house earlier
Stone curlews: calls after sunset
Hooded crows: around and over as usual.
House sparrows:garden and street activity and vocal as usual though they have ceased for a while to start up at 4.20 a.m. , I think because their young fledged and they are not so busy right next to the house from so early.
Laughing doves: cooing in the garden and around the street as usual.
Sunbirds: calls in the garden from barely first light and other times in the day.
White spectacled Bulbuls: First call I heard in the morning, almost 5 a.m.

Insect activity quite low.. a few butterflies, a good number of small grasshoppers and lots of crickets later in the evening of a range of pitches.

Weather: 17-29 degrees C, time of walk: ~7 p.m. 24 degrees C. Humidity: ~60% winds westerly 8-10 knots

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