Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday's walk

The hillslopes across north valley watercourse. Below, the stigma (green) and stamens and anthers (white and purple) of a caper flower, still in bloom in many places now.

Young Eryngium- they progressively turn blue/purple and put out tiny indigo flower parts.

Spiny broom, a kind of legume, has finished blooming and fertilized flowers have turned to beanpods, this by central trail. The short softer leaved broom by the roadside continues to bloom yellow flowers.

Gazelle: One spotted running into the trees across north valley watercourse into tree cover.

: Heard calling over north valley for most of the walk.
Turtle doves: Heard cooing. Blackbirds: heard in song
Collared doves: heard cooing, active between trees.
Eurasian Jays: active about woods, foraging.
Graceful warblers: calls and foraging in gazelle field.
Greenfinches: Twitters and chaws in pines, foraging for thistle seeds in gazelle field.
Hooded crows: Calls, active. House sparrows:calls, active
Laughing doves: coos, active around houses.
Stone curlews: calls around and after sunset
Sunbirds: calls from just before first light.
Syrian woodpeckers: calls in the pines
White spectacled Bulbuls:melodious calls in the garden before first light again, repeated harsh cries of a couple in the Bauhinia late afternoon, making big fuss, possibly one of neighbour's cats around.

locust noticed on valley road on the way up. It flew to cover of a caper, already getting dark, unfortunately couldn't find it. I have never seen a swarm on the move here but found individuals many times, usually grey brown, one summer, a few summers ago there were a lot of red ones about for a short while.. would make a great subject if we can find like that again.

Local boys were curious what I was looking for (locus is called
arbeh in Hebrew) so we got into a conversation about the local wildlife. They reported seeing a number of Kukri snakes in the area, or perhaps Dahl's whip snakes, could be either by their description, both small and harmless species. (snake is na'hash in Hebrew )

Our eldest son, Aharon (age 22), took the two youngest boys camping this evening, not sure where they're going to pitch their tent, they may go all the way to the sage vale.. hope they have good reports for us tomorrow!

Weather: 16-26 degrees C, ( 60.8 -78.8 degrees F) - time of walk: 22 degrees C. (71.6 degrees F)
humidity: 65% and rising, wind W/NW, 6-10 kt.

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