Monday, July 28, 2008

Limping buck

We found these sprays of interesting looking white berries on the bank immediately west of valley road.

Today's range: 17.5 - 26 degrees C, when we went out: ~23 degrees, humidity ~75%, winds westerly to WSW ~8 kt. Some small cumulus clouds blowing in yesterday about dusk, almost felt like rain but was just the humidity rolling up the hills from the west.

adult male sighted up the slope just east of the east valley path, amongst the pines and cypress. Seemed something wrong with back right leg, was limping, kicking it repeatedly to the right.. If same buck we saw a few weeks back in the orchard kicking just that way then seems to have same leg injury since but managing to get by. We didn't press him, we headed up the hill up the shepherd trail till we reached the bare hillside, then down a rough causeway to the orchard but he was already far ahead and lost sight of him.

Hobby sighted heading fast to south beyond the pumping station, disappeared into the trees.
Hoopoe sighted on the way down to the orchard. Repeated sunbird calls in eucalyptus by the orchard. Some turtle dove coos. Some collared dove activity. Syrian woodpeckers vocal. Ring necked parakeet heard central east valley area. Hooded crows flying over singly. Eurasian jays vocal and active throughout woods.

Graceful warblers vocal along valley road. Blackbird chack chack alarms. Stone curlews calling from north gazelle field. Bee-eater flock heard and seen active over there too.

Feral pigeons, house sparrows, jackdaw and white spectacled bulbuls around buildings.

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