Thursday, July 31, 2008

Limping buck is still getting by

Range: ~18.5-28 degrees C. At almost 7 p.m. temp was ~23.5 degrees C, humidity ~75% winds westerly 8-10 knots.

Lame buck gazelle noticed in the pines just north of the sapling field. He seems to have something wrong with both back legs, they're skewed to the right though he is able to move quite quickly on them, able to run away from us at some speed. Lower back injury causing some degree of paralysis? Seems left back leg hardly makes contact with the ground and both appear to be kicking abnormally to the right. Strange. However, he can move, he can graze and he can no doubt defend himself with those horns against feral dogs if he must.

From all our observations looks like he 'owns' the territory on each side of the dry water trail from the sapling field to the orchard. I believe another, healthy, buck owns the patch just north of that, (gazelle field and around)

Jays very vocal, quarreling in the pines, Syrian woodpeckers vocal, active. Flock of hooded crows active. Graceful warbler calls, Falcon fly over quite high, hobby from what we can see. Bee-eaters and stone curlews north gazelle field as usual. Hoopoe over field.

Feral pigeons, laughing doves, house sparrows, sunbird singing in the Bauhinia early afternoon.

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