Friday, August 1, 2008

Dark Fox puts in an appearance

Shows tree damage throughout lowest branches of the pines just west of gazelle field. Ground underneath is also charred but now covered with fallen needles. Many of the pistaccio orchard trees also have dead leaves in the lower branches. No whole tree was damaged, it was localized to parts immediately over the ground and took a few weeks to become totally apparent as the dried leaves died.

Thurs: The dark fox appeared today strolling through the eucalyptus grove just south east of gazelle field. His markings seemed a touch lighter than those I noticed in the new pine grove but could just be the lighting. At any rate, still that large dark flank marking, not like the more evenly marked individual we saw pouncing in the middle of gazelle field (right between the two observations). Is one the male and one the female sharing a territory?

Female gazelle making her way up the hill slopes from north end of gazelle field, spotted her coming toward field from north valley.

Activity of small birds along the lower part of north valley dry watercourse where it crosses north part of gazelle field. Members of the wheatear family we'd seen there before. One very nice young male black eared wheatear apparently. Falcon gliding high over bipass road, probably hobby, hooded crows about, small groups, singly, jackdaws too? Graceful warbler calls

Much Bee-eater activity in the pines just west of gazelle field. Scores hawk for flies esp. over the dry north valley watercourse and use the lines and the trees as perches and roost.
Some stone curlew calls and sightings. Turtle dove heard cooing. Much Syrian woodpecker activity and calls. A few bats about at dusk esp. along central trail and have also been seen lately around valley road.

Fri: Sunbird and laughing doves in the garden.

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