Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday Catch-up

19-30.5 degrees C, at about 7 p.m. : 24 degrees C, 70% humidity, 8 kt W/NW

We took short cut down into north valley and headed slowly north west though wasn't time to get to the quarry before sun down. We just took our time and noted birds and gazelle.

7 Gazelle today- 1 female up on skyline to north, then 4 up on north slopes below the upper pine grove, one well grown and three 'teens'. None with visible horns. Later two crossed the path and headed north, 1 with clear thin horns, one significantly smaller, sproinged to catch up. Sproinging makes some sort of sense in this rocky country, it's an easier pace to manage than coordinating a run over this terrain. Most humans would not be able to run on it that fast without turning an ankle and to manage it with tiny delicate hoofs is impressive adaptation.

Also saw gazelle on skyline yesterday, buck.

hyrax: High pitched chitter heard from colony just down from the end of Shadiker St. (upper north facing slopes )

Bee-eaters: Flock Heard over middle of north valley
Hobby: Flew over lower north valley.

Tristram's grackle calls from somewhere up on the south facing slopes
2 Eurasian Sparrowhawks gliding swiftly down over centre of north valley.. to east, pine canopy level.
Hoopoe foraging on the north valley path.
House sparrows: Moving in small flocks, foraging side of north valley, Hardly in garden at all lately.
Hooded crows: calls, singles seen, foraging up on hill
Eurasian Jays: Spotted here and there in pines, foraging, some vocal
Feral pigeons: Small groups/singles in flight towards neighbourhood buildings.
Greenfinches: heard briefly in pines, they've been relatively quiet lately, after singing season.
Stone curlews: Quite vocal just beyond northern edge of north valley trees, brief sightings in flight, one over centre
Sunbirds: in Bauhinia tree esp. yesterday
Graceful warblers: calling from north facing valley slopes, answering from eucalyptus patch valley floor
Syrian woodpeckers: calling in pines
White spectacled Bulbuls: Calls, both musical and hoarse chukking call from upper north facing slopes
Great tits: Some calls in the pines,

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