Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brief Saturday Report

Todays' range: ~20.5-30 degrees C, at 7 p.m. time of walk, 26 degrees, humidity 55%, wind W/WNW, 8 kt and falling

Gazelles: 7 grazing just beyond the acacias north west end of gazelle field, moving east, (wind to their backs) all pretty much fully grown, perhaps one younger, no adult bucks.
hyrax:Much activity by pumping station including many young

Bee-eaters: flock heard, (Also heard near house on friday afternoon )Turtle doves: not noticed
Hobbies: 1 high over east field area, hooded crow tried rather half heartedly to mob it but the falcon dipped easily out of range, hoodie gave up, the hobby climbed and glided on the currents, holding position impressively.

House sparrows: relatively quiet lately, laughing doves: some cooing around the garden
Hooded crows:some about. calls heard
Jackdaws: heard, they're back in the 'hood from nearness of calls to house.
Eurasian Jays: Calling and seen in many places in the woods
Greenfinches: alarm call heard in eucalyptus by orchard
Blackbirds: foraging and chack chack alarm calls
Collared doves: some cooing along east valley trail
Stone curlews: much vocalisation esp from direction of secret valley and just beyond trees north valley around dusk.
Sunbirds: repeated cat alarm call in cape honeysuckle in afternoon.
Graceful warblers: vocal late afternoon
Syrian woodpeckers: Calls here and there throughout the pine woods.
Bulbuls: hoarse 'chuck chuck' calls heard from acacias on the bank up from valley road and in pines opposite.

Last night found
scorpion on valley road, thick pincers, dark, as wells as very busy ants, (they're working overtime lately bringing in grass seeds), large black millipedes and a cricket

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