Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pouncing fox

Pic of fox from wiki, not here, you can tell, grass is way too green! Front end is more russet than our fox though hind end similar. You can't see the white tail tip on this.

Red and black bug, a common plant bug that really seems to like the leaf litter in one corner of the steps to our house, lots down there!

A delicate tiny flowered plant in bloom right now I need to ID. - found along valley road and our street .

Gazelles, dogs, reptiles: none found today
hyrax: active and vocal on hillslopes west of pumping station

Nicest sighting today, pouncing
fox. Husband spotted it, about the middle of gazelle field. Red fox though not russet at all, more brownish/grey tones. Not the dark fox though. One wonders how many variations there are! crouched very still for a couple of minutes, then went into three delightful cat like pounces, each at a different angle, twisting around each leap. After the last, it went down from view, probably into the watercourse by the old fields there. It emerged a few minutes later 'upstream' by the largest almond, appeared to sniff at the trunk, then headed toward the north valley pines.

Bee-eaters: scores active north west gazelle field. (as also yesterday) Moved up in a high swarm to south around sunset.
Turtle doves: not heard
Hobbies: one gliding just above canopy down east valley, towards north,

House sparrows: garden as usual laughing doves heard cooing:
Hooded crows: a few windsurfing off south west upper slopes of 'windsurfer hill'
Jackdaws: vocal flock heading south, 70,80 ish over east field
Eurasian Jays: squabbling vocal, active in many parts of the pine forest
Feral pigeons: Between buildings, singles over valley
Greenfinches: Some calls by the orchard and larger pines
Blackbirds: no singing last couple of days but alarm calls, chackchack and tzeet and seen foraging
Collared doves: some coos heard near cistern
Stone curlews: calls north end of gazelle field
Sunbirds:garden, top of acacia near pumping station.
Syrian woodpeckers: active and vocal
Bulbuls: quite active and vocal, sound like family groups about, bank and east valley
Great tits: some calls in pines up to east of valley path.

Yesterday: similar plus a couple of
hoopoes on the path by the pistaccio orchard.

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