Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Attack of the caper bugs.

Variegated caper bug, (Stenozygum coloratum), a Heteropteran plant bug of the family Pentatomidae. Here above is a nymph.

check out also http://www.nature-of-oz.com/heteroptera.htm scroll down about two thirds down the page for a nice pic of the adult bug which is mostly black.

Below, 'on the march', several adults and a nymph on a caper stem. We found several bushes along valley road swarming with bugs, some obviously damaged but with no signs of bugs at all and a few as yet untouched. Black spots and discolouration caused by the bugs.

Below: caper pods damaged by bug activity. Ugh, nasty, I wouldn't eat these! These bugs are known to migrate to avocado trees and damage them too. Fortunately we have no avocado trees in our neighbourhood as far as I know.

Early birds today: Bulbul again started up at 5.18 a.m. as yesterday. Not long after: sunbirds, house sparrows, laughing doves, hooded crows cawing.

No luck on gazelle but some hyrax activity by valley road.

Syrian woodpeckers around eucalyptus grove area, greenfinches around bunker rubble, jays in woods and around gazelle field. collared doves active and vocal in various places but turtle doves quiet. Husband spotted hoopoe flying into large hawthorn tree side of gazelle field. Wheatear (black eared ) at edge of cistern.

Jackdaws (flock 50+) and hooded crows about, bee-eaters heard.

Range today: just under 20 -just over 30+ degrees C (68- 86 degrees F)

~7 p.m. ~27 degrees C. (80.6 degrees F)

humidity ~60%, wind: westerlies, about 10 knots.

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