Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday walks

A July view of east field looking south towards windsurfer hill.

Gazelle: Two on south west slopes of windsurfer hill.. appeared to be female and well grown young. 1 adult male making his way up hill near east end of south facing slopes north of gazelle field.
Hyrax: high pitched calls from valley road, husband saw on early morning walk.
Fox: sitting or lying in the grass half way up the south facing slopes to the north, just gazing in our direction, looking about from time to time but taking it easy. Some hooded crows were foraging not far behind and higher up on slope, ignored each other.
Bee-eaters: Above 50 flew over us at look-out corner from direction of Pistaccio grove, over gazelle field towards lines over the service road, some whirled back, showing off their beautiful aerial manoevres.
Turtle doves: Husband heard early this morning, brief cooing towards sunset this afternoon.

** Also early this morning Akiva got nice view of
long eared owl flying from service road pines towards owl glade up to south west. Already light, about 6.30 a.m. seemed he'd spooked it as he walked by.

: Some activity and calls early this morning.
Breslover warblers: very vocal somewhere on the slopes of windsurfer hill, flightless songsters though song itself far carrying. Distinct penguin like plumage and white crowns.
Collared doves: coos, flight calls and activity towards sunset
Eurasian Jays: activity, calls, foraging on the ground and about, towards sunset.
Graceful warblers: towards sunset vocal activity south end of gazelle field by central trail, and seen foraging.
Greenfinches: calls in trees towards sunset, look-out corner area
Hoopoe: In eucalyptus near look-out corner, flew over to pines, service road area.
Jackdaws: Flock of about 100 took off from hillsides by A Ram and headed towards windsurfer hill or farther east.
House sparrows: calls activity about buildings and in fields.
Laughing doves: coos about buildings as usual.
Stone curlews: some calls in fields towards sunset.
Syrian woodpeckers: Calls in various parts of the woods, quite vocal.
White spectacled Bulbuls: variety of calls in various parts of the woods.

Weather: 20.5-29.5 degrees C. (68.9- ~85 degrees F)
Time of afternoon walk: towards 7 p.m. ~26 degrees C , (78.8 degrees F)
humidity ~53% and rising, wind NW/W 5-9 knots

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