Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Log catch up, foxes, bee-eaters et al

Another shot of the Helichrysum sanguineum for you.

W = wednesday T = thursday F = friday S = Saturday

Foxes: 3 on S
at morning by Akiva near shaft, (a covered deep well by north valley dirt road just west of service road), look out position over gazelle field and bat cave area) The foxes headed in three different directions, one up back into forest to south west, one towards bat cave, one other.. some barking as if contact bark after husband had alarmed them.. he had impression all were adults, all quite thin tails and all dark.

Gazelle: Also saturday morning by Akiva, adult male by service road through pines just east of shaft.

: W one by Shadiker company, several including young near pumphouse, Sa: mother and kits on a rock down from valley road pointed out by neighbour Bracha, sentry closer on rock between Bracha theorized may be father.

Bee-eaters W 100 + seemed two distinct flocks flew over us on valley road towards neighbourhood, later over gazelle field. Heard friday and saturday morning at about 5.30 a.m. Small flock by cistern toward sunset saturday
Blackbirds: W, S active various parts of the woods foraging, alarm calls but not song
Collared doves: W some coos, S: coos in woods
Eurasian Jays: W, S active in various parts of the woods between trees, calls, pair foraging by cistern. Prince is starting to vocalize, husband says sounds like something between a sneeze and a hoarse bark.
Feral pigeons: W, S in flight over neighbourhood.
Jackdaws: Flock heard calling from towards A Ram, foraging on hillside by there? At least 50 flew over towards south/SE
Graceful warblers: W, S by valley road, also apparently a family foraging and vocal in a clump of fennel near pumphouse on Wed.
Greenfinches: W calls near look-out corner. S, flock foraging for thistle seed in gazelle field towards sunset
Hobby: Sat, rising on a thermal over look-out corner area.
Hooded crows: W very loose flock heading to east valley from north west shortly after we set out, calls T, F, S
House sparrows:W around buildings, also T, F, S
Laughing doves: W coos from dawn and around buildings, also T, F, S
Stone curlews: W, S calls north gazelle field
Sunbirds: W calls just after 5 a.m. garden, also T and F but absent S, not heard all day.
Syrian woodpeckers: S: calls in woods, some dispute near orchard, two ''hide and seek'' around tree trunk. We saw together this afternoon, husband said saw same just there this morning .
Tristram's grackle: some whistles heard
Turtle doves S: coos in woods.
White spectacled Bulbuls: W calls just before 5 a.m. garden, also T, F, S
Sparrowhawk W briefly at edge of Pistacio orchard/eucalyptus grove

Weather Wed: 23.6 degrees C (~74.5 degrees F) , humidity 71%, winds westerly 12.2 knots, range: 18-27 C, (~64.5-80.5 degrees F)

Friday morning: hooded crows heard before 5 a.m. bulbul 5.11 a.m. (later than usual) , sunbird 5.18 a.m. house sparrows, bee-eaters flock calls 5.30 a.m. laughing doves shortly after not sure what time.
Saturday morning similar but without the sunbird.

Weather Sat: - time of walk, just before 7 p.m. 27 degrees, (80.6 degrees F) humidity 45%, westerly 4-8 knots
22- just over 32 degrees C (71.6 - 89.6 ) , you have to love the mild and moderate weather we get in the hills!

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