Tuesday, September 16, 2008

late night gazelle and miscellaneous

Range today: 21-32 degrees C, time of our walk, ~27 degrees C, wind NW -W 2-8 kt 60% humidity

- 2: one going down into north valley from valley road north bend last night after 10 p.m., husband had impression it was adult buck, glimpsed horns. (Crickets particularly active and vocal last night. )
Today a well grown immature or female just beyond acacia, north gazelle field, grazing and heading slowly north east. Are the rest over to the north by the figs and almond trees? Plenty food there for them. Could also be up north valley or anywhere in pine tree cover. No others visible out in east field or north field lately

: some activity on valley road yesterday late afternoon, some shriek like alarm calls.

Hobbies: two in flight high over east valley toward east side... circling but not aggressive, mates? Repeated calls. Reinforcing pair bond? One came up earlier from just south of pumping station. Wonderful to watch.
Masked shrike : calls heard from a few places in east valley pines near the shepherd path up the hill and the mysterious wood piles.
Hooded crows:Flock up on windsurfer hill, active, vocal, flying about
Jackdaws: Calls up from windsurfer hill area, active
Eurasian Jays: calls from woods especially just south of pumping station, perhaps some bird of prey in there had disturbed both them and the hobby
Blackbirds: calls yesterday
Graceful warblers: calls esp. yesterday
Collared doves: some spooked out of trees as we passed but no coos
Syrian woodpeckers: calls

House sparrows:active and vocal late afternoon, about 5.45 p.m. ish in gardens.
laughing doves, Feral pigeons : around buildings as usual. Sunbird calls from Bauhinia tree, high pitched but not quite song today. 3.15 p.m heard chirp particularly sharp which sounded *white wagtailish* , early for them but not out of the question... had husband on alert when he went out up neighbourhood an hour later but none spotted.
(When they first touch down on return they are most likely to be seen on roofs and streets. )

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