Thursday, September 18, 2008

Miscellaneous observations

19-28 degrees C, during our walk: betw. 22 and 23 degrees C, W-NW 6-10 kt

Looked for Gazelles on our afternoon walk in vain but yesterday did see some fresh droppings on the north valley hillside. On our evening walk after 10 p.m. a gazelle ran across valley road in front of us and then down the hillside through the pines toward north valley.
hyrax some active lately along valley road.
gecko on our evening walk, almost totally white, but for the black eyes to camouflage with the white limestone ashlars of a low wall

Hobbies, pair up above windsurfer hill flying together for the most part, dodging a rather half hearted attack by a small group of crows, flew higher, just north of Pisgat Zeev and one of them dipped down, feint attack at the crows

Brief sighting of
sparrowhawk pair fly from pine grove just east of cistern over to pines of north valley, quite low.
Masked shrike calls coming from same pine grove at about sunset.

Forgot to mention.. a few days ago on rebars of the bunker rubble, an immature
wheatear, probably black eared.
Hooded crows: Jackdaws: Up on windsurfer hill, small flocks.
Eurasian Jays: active singles and small groups throughout the woods and crossing fields.
Blackbirds: some alarm calls in woods past couple of days
Collared doves: brief in flight between trees but not cooing
Sunbirds: calls in the Bauhinia tree in the garden, brief song, also calls in Eucalyptus grove near cistern
Syrian woodpeckers: many calls from pines esp. pine grove just west of gazelle field
Bulbuls: harsh alarm calls and some musical notes from Bauhinia in the garden, also seen in Pistaccio orchard

House sparrows: definitely increased activity around the houses late afternoon. Apart from bulbul and sunbird activity, also heard some coos of laughing doves in Bauhinia.

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