Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday report

17.5 -26 degrees C, time of walk:20-21 degrees, just over 75% humidity and rising, wind W/NW 5-9 kt, plenty small cumulus lately though pretty clear today.

: 2 well grown gazelles right by the pines NE corner by north gazelle field, one was adult buck, could just make out his horns, just after sunset and light fading, could have been more gazelle over there but could hardly make out. one was sproinging a little earlier, the male.. stotting behaviour?
hyrax: Plenty active by valley road
reptiles: geckoes.

Hobbies: brief glimpse, and repeated calls just west of the bat cave.
Masked shrike glimpsed in pines just east of valley road, before central trail turn-off.. the giveaway stoop and rise.

Hooded crows: small windsurfing up by windsurfer hill, just west of it as usual, looked quite challenging today
Jackdaws: calls
Eurasian Jays: calls in the woods
Feral pigeons: buildings and over
Greenfinches: some calls in Pistaccio orchard area
Blackbirds:alarm calls in the woods
Collared doves: some sighted but quiet. (We did hear a little cooing in north valley last week)
Graceful warblers:vocal in pine forest just east of valley road

House sparrows, active in the gardens, white spectacled bulbul, beautifully vocal in the Bauhinia accompanied by a singing sunbird early afternoon, sang at some length.

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