Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Storks and miscellaneous

Exciting news of storks came to us from neighbours, B Goldwasser and D Weiss, two of a number of witnesses to a beautiful passage back on the 6th of September. From their descriptions I think we can reasonably identify them as White storks, Ciconia ciconia estimate at something around 200 in number and quite high, climbing on thermals, around 4 p.m.

~17.5 degrees C to 28 degrees C again, humidity rising towards 70% and continuing to climb, winds westerly, around 8 kt.

Today hobby heard and briefly sighted flying from new pine grove (by gazelle field) towards pines and cypress high on south facing slope of north valley farther 'upstream'

Otherwise a rather uneventful walk, graceful warblers quite vocal, some blackbird alarms heard, shrike in the trees immediately west of gazelle field, near central trail. Bat over valley road corner, near the picnic spot. Sunbird singing in the Bauhinia again mid/late afternoon, some white spectacled bulbul calls and house sparrow activity. Feral pigeons and Hooded crows about.

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