Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Definite chill in the air

New growth always good to see and it's popping up everywhere. This rosette of interesting leaves was trying to establish itself in the middle of the north valley trail, rather optimistic of it since it seemed squashed flat but plants don't quit easily.

Quite a bit of rain yesterday, thank God, for many reasons! Today there was a definite nip in the air when we headed out. Temp range today ~ 9.5-13.2 degrees C and ~12 degrees when we headed out. Winds were light and north north westerly and humidity rising past the 60% mark.

Gazelles: none today.
Family of feral dogs crossed before us on lower valley path, headed up the hill, following an old shepherd's path. I speculated that dog packs might have been the original trail blazers on their regular tours of their territory and that later animals and man might have actually used and helped establish such tracks.. those, gazelles and other such animals that follow routes.
White wagtails: calls around the neighbourhood, seeking flies on rooftops.
House sparrows: Calls in the gardens much of the day.
laughing doves: quiet lately but have been using our bird table by the willow tree, I put table scraps out there, breadcrumbs with their sesame seeds, chopped leftover noodles and such.
Hooded crows: Calling before dawn, a few seen flying home though further west, over the buildings.
Jackdaws: Brief call
Feral pigeons: local flocks wheeling around above the buildings just after 4 p.m.
Blackbirds: One in song in the cape honeysuckle late afternoon. 'chak chak' in woods at dusk.
Sunbirds: Song in the Bauhinia mid afternoon
White spectacled bulbuls: some musical calls heard in the garden late afternoon. They haven't been by lately as much as they used to, so always good to hear them.

A couple of glimpses of Eurasian sparrowhawks, two or one seen twice but I suspect a pair, over east end of north valley and heading to east valley.
White breasted kingfisher: making a ruckus just after sunset again, somewhere in the eucalyptus behind (to the south of) look-out corner, stayed out of sight though, and light bad
Eurasian Jays: Glimpsed in the woods.
Stone curlews: some calls heard at dusk from somewhere down east end of north valley, first I've heard in a while.
Various brief high pitched calls hidden in foliage in the woods, probably chiffchaffs, redstarts, robins and such.

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