Monday, December 1, 2008

Moon, Venus & Jupiter

Venus is visible just up and to the left of the moon, Jupiter higher and a little to the right. This of course, doesn't do them justice, we'd need a tripod and a bit of time exposure for that. Venus was glowing bright as a magnesium flare, Jupiter quite strong too, the moon's shine was mellow by contrast. I have a theory that the star with crescent moon symbol used by the Ottomans is really Venus as they are often visible close to each other in the sky for astronomical reasons.

13-20.5 degrees C, ~17.5 degrees C just after 4 p.m. time of walk.. also then: humidity just 33%, wind W/WSW up to 3.5 kt max.. very mild, no need for jackets.

north valley trail today.

Gazelles, hyrax: none noticed today. Feral dogs, barking. Bats, fluttering at about mid/low canopy level over the trail after 5 p.m.

Little Owl, Athene noctua, calls from high up somewhere around the first quarry, the one just south of the trail before the buildings.

white wagtail: heard from street, son saw a couple of groups at school, was surprised to see that degree of association. Traveling and foraging as families?
European robin?: tic tics up the slope just south of the trail.
stonechat: (?)a couple of birds hawking, flying in and out of view in scrub on a ridge near the quarries. Just silhouetted but from behaviour, place etc probably them.
Blackbird: some alarm calls, some beautiful song at about 5 p.m. (dusk)
House sparrows:calls. Sunbirds: calls, brief song in Bauhinia outside window mid afternoon,

Hooded crows: calls, Eurasian Jays: seen betw. trees and calls, Chukar partridges: brief calls in north valley. black redstart, calls? Graceful warblers:some calls.

Yesterday we heard the white breasted kingfisher again from look out corner region somewhere. Also feral pigeons, jays, stonechats, hooded crows, white wagtails, blackbirds

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