Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lowest humidity this year

leaves of cyclamen. (A.Atwood)

Temp: range 10-16 degrees C, during our walk (4.15 p.m. and on) 15 degrees, winds easterly/south easterly 4-6 knots and humidity down to 15%, as low as I remember it all year!

Pic taken of the mustard leaves to add to last entry. On our way down into north valley by a rock noticed the beautiful heart shaped variegated leaves of cyclamen almost full size.

This morning husband noticed a house sparrow repeatedly harassing and buzzing an undersize white wagtail that was foraging on the ground not far from another wagtail. Both these birds heard in the garden and beyond.

We watched a falcon circle over north valley from the tall buildings and back.. using wingbeats rather than gliding. Probably a common kestrel but we only saw it in silhouette against the sky.

Gazelle grazing up at the skyline to the north. Flock of at least 60 crows, mostly jackdaws, some hooded crows, took off from the hills and milled about a short while over north valley before heading off south to roost. Some hyrax activity in the colony just below the end of Shadiker St. 3 adults scampering off at our approach.

Blackbird 'chak chaks' from near the Pistaccio orchard. White breasted kingfisher called loudly up in the eucalyptus somewhere. So 'The King' is still around and giving us his dusk time 'laughter'.

Calls in the pines, prob. chiffchaff.

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