Monday, December 8, 2008

tree climbing hyraxes and other stuff


Temperatures have fallen a little since last week, winds more westerly, humidity higher.

: Today, three heading up towards the north west from north gazelle field, past the bat cave. none adult males around sunset.
hyrax: yesterday very much activity at the cypress slum colony, whole families out foraging, scores out. As we approached from the top of the bank several exited a garden .. they are known to enter gardens and strip fruit trees when they can. We were amazed to see one quite well grown individual had made it pretty much to the top of a skinny cypress on the bank, at least 30 feet high. He was perched up there look across at us, then started to clamber down as we came closer.

(Speaking to neighbour Simone Alexander.. she noticed long eared owl lately on her street, close to ours, same level. same behaviour as our sighting, waiting on a line. She also noticed it occasionally diving into the trees where sparrows were roosting and actually grabbing birds. She thinks there is a pair at work. )

white wagtail: heard and often seen quite regularly over the last week.
European robin: elusive ticking up on the south slope north valley but no confirmed sightings.
stonechat: hawking for flies by the bunker rubble, several sightings over the last few days.. one nice male today and at least one other bird around.
House sparrows: Calls around houses.
laughing doves: some coos around dawn.
Hooded crows: individuals seen winging their way to roost towards sunset over last few days.
Jackdaws: Calls heard over to east and in the neighbourhood a few times over last few days
Eurasian Jays: a few sightings between trees in the pines.
Blackbirds: 'tzeet' alarm call in or close to the garden late afternoon. Chak chak alarm calls in the woods.
Collared doves: a few brief sightings in the pines in the valley
Graceful warblers,Syrian woodpeckers:some calls. Sunbird not since late last week.

Fire vandalism in the south end of the woods on Shabbat, at least three conflagrations, one quite large with some tree damage. Surprising since the woods have been so moist. Fire trucks responded.

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