Wednesday, February 11, 2009

After the rain

This sweet little flower head really caught my eye.. you can see how the fertilized florets are turning into figure 8 seedpods. A. Atwood.

This and next pic by Moshe.. contrasting plants.. tiny soft 'green finger' succulent with raindrops and fresh shiny ultra spiky Acanthus syriacus (bear's breeches) leaves.

Yesterday's walk was totally rained out.. rain most of the day with some hail, lightning, thunder and winds.

Today: wednesday, winds still in the west pretty much all day, At time of walk: 4.30 p.m. ~9.5 degrees C, humidity 84%, winds WSW 7kt. The winds had felled a couple of the sick eucalyptus trees in east valley. On the plus side the Keren Kayemet (Jewish National Fund- this whole natural area comprising the Mir Forest, Eyn Prat and surrounds belongs to them) had been over on Tu Bishvat and planted at least a score more saplings in the field near the pumping station.

We took a walk in east valley from the sapling field toward the orchard but not along the well worn trail, along a rougher trail under the pines which runs parallel to the stream bed to its west. In this area Moshe noticed a whole group of gazelle, at least half a dozen ahead of us. When they became aware of us they quickly crossed the stream and moved up the hill to the east, an adult buck last of the group.

Some hyrax activity by valley road.

Birds: Jackdaws and Hooded crows heard. At dusk much noise from hooded crows on the hill, I think something disturbed them up there. Eurasian jay calls in the pines.
Greenfinch perched on top of a cypress, others around.
Graceful warblers very vocal around valley road. Some great tit song and calls. Blackbird song and alarm calls. Most birds stayed huddled in trees from the wetness.

Since tuesday was election day and the polling stations are in the schools, Avremi had the day off. I let the boys camp in the woods Monday night, warning them it would probably rain in the night but their dome tents are pretty self contained and water proof. We have camped many times as a family and the boys know what to do. They picked a spot in a cypress stand near the crossroads in the middle of east valley and had a very pleasant night. The moon was full and though the sky was somewhat overcast the moon penetrated enough to give very adequate visibility. They had a very pleasant time though it was slightly scarey when a whole pack of feral dogs arrived and sniffed around the tent! They did not try to get in though, simply went on their way.

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