Thursday, February 5, 2009

More photos by Moshe

First red anemone of the season! Anemone coronaria. Found by Moshe under the pines in the partial shade of Podonosma, golden drop.

These beetles were all found within the same square metre on the bank of the north valley watercourse where it crosses the back of gazelle valley, out in the open. I put them all together for the photo but when we found them they were a little more spread out. All look the same (Adesmia abbreviata or related Darkling beetle) and all lacked their heads. Ruling out miniature headless horsemen I'd guess one of the local insect eating birds left these. Stone curlews, black redstarts and quite a few other open country birds eat insects.

These plant bugs are quite common on the asphodels at the moment. One of the Heteroptera. That narrows it down! Joking. If we find out which I'll post it here later.

Found! Thanks to site easily identified as Capsodes infuscatus, otherwise known as Mirid bug.

These little caterpillars Moshe found on a plant I've dubbed 'miniature triffids'.. because of the three fold parts which seem to be opened seedpods. Moshe found quite a few little caterpillar ground nests though the caterpillars in those weren't hatched out yet.

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