Thursday, February 12, 2009

More of Thursday's selections.

This is the second entry for Thursday 12 February. The main entry which follows this one concerns the nettle cave and also includes mammal and bird observations of the day and weather. This entry concerns more of the flowers and other delights seen on the way.

A grasshopper.. no idea what species yet, it's not in my book or at the site I use. ~ 2" long. Taken by Moshe on the south facing slope of the hill today. I was quite impressed with him on this one as we did not need to zoom and crop the pic at all. Click on the pic for a bigger view!

One of the small geraniums. This I found growing in the grassy verge of our street. Taken today.

A fumitory, probably Fumaria densiflora , found by Moshe near the one above, also today.

A Euphorbia, I think Euphorbia hierosolymitana also known as Jerusalem spurge. I found it growing amongst the boulders on the south facing slope of the hill. Taken last week but also found today. All these pics by husband, A. Atwood.

The following were also taken last week but I want to get them online now before they get out of date.

Not sure what this is yet. It resembles spitting cucumber but the flowers are less yellow, more green and the leaves are smaller, shaped like spearheads. Whereas spitting cucumber grows in radiating clumps this tends to grow like a vine alongside boulders.

These curious little stalks are everywhere and the caterpillars have been climbing on them. I dubbed them 'triffids' because of the three part bodies on them that look like they might be exploded seed-heads.

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