Sunday, February 15, 2009

More pretty purple jobs, Moshe's work

Lamium amplexicaule Henbit Deadnettle .. taken by Moshe in the grassy verge across our street.. near where he found the fumitory. Naturally he wanted to get the fly in the pic!

I found this pretty cluster of small pink/blue/purple flowers in a ledge on a range of boulders near the barbecue patches from hell. No two seemed to have exactly the same hue and they are just delightful. Moshe took this picture of part of the group. No sooner do I solve one mystery than I'm faced with another ! Such is the nature of nature exploration, always new delights to fathom. So far it seems to be one of the wild radishes but I haven't found it yet and I haven't seen this flower anywhere else.. yet.

Ground fire in north valley where the watercourse emerges into the open clear of the trees. Husband noticed it was burning in several patches quite independently and there was quite an accumulation of rotting wood and vegetation in that stretch. I was amazed to see this already so soon after the last rain but given a clear day of sunshine and all that built up ground heat as well as many dry old surface stalks, conditions were ripe for a spontaneous fire. Husband and Moshe worked to make sure it was contained while I worked on the BBQ patches from hell.

Husband heard Tristram's Grackle this morning at about 6.30 a.m. somewhere off east.

In the woods, Eurasian sparrowhawk returning south (to woods to roost from forage in hills to north) just around dusk. As you see, birds tend to have very regular habits and if you're in the same place at the same time you'll probably see the same individual birds heading off to bed!

White spectacled bulbuls, House sparrows, laughing dove (cooing) in the garden. Hooded crows, feral pigeons about flying over here and there.

Blackbirds song in the wood late afternoon and dusk. Some Eurasian jays vocal and active in the pines.

Weather today:, 7-13.5 degrees C, time of walk: ~10 degrees C, humidity ~60%, westerlies ~14 kt

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