Thursday, March 19, 2009

16th March revisited, Ophrys, caterpillars etc.

This one follows quite naturally from the last since the pics were taken in the same area just a few days before. I'd rather not delay much longer on them since the spring progresses and there are definite, though subtle changes every day.

As promised, a little collection of Ophrys orchids to show their amazing diversity in markings, all found growing in the flat eucalyptus planted east part of the north valley watercourse, before it emerges onto gazelle field. They seem to be variations of Ophrys carmeli (or closely related).
By the way, the orchid I found near the chicken machneh was identified by Amihud at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory as a variant of Ophrys apifera and considered quite rare!

These, followed by another couple of interesting plants and then more caterpillars. Enjoy!

Found near the top of the trail down to north watercourse.

Small spikes just a few cm high, consisting of tiny flowers with obvious anthers, growing in many places in the open in large mats near the watercourse. Yet to I.D.

Found on top branched deep purple flowered plant on east slopes of the hill. This I left uncollected. All the above: Akiva

Hairy caterpillar commonly found on thorny burnet and also photographed in earlier blog entries. This one the boys brought home to rear. Moshe. This one escaped but fortunately was found later on the telephone wires and secured.

caterpillar of six spot burnet, Zygaena sp. (?) Moshe

One of the Pierid (white) butterflies, found dead by the track down to the north valley. Euchloe?

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