Monday, March 16, 2009

More of Sunday's Flowers, Gazelle field, valley road

Viper's bugloss Echium Moshe or Avremi, they each took several of this

This and following geraniums taken by the young boys

Looks to me like Geranium tuberosum Bulbous cranesbill,

These are the little yellow buttercup like jobs that seem in two halves, like butterflies when open but were 'glued' shut by raindrops. I.D. yet to come. Husband

Ramping fumitory Fumaria capreolata by the corner of valley road, pine picnic corner. Avremi.

Fumitory, same plant, more developed flowers. They reminded me of little white fingers with dark red nail varnish in oriental dances. Avremi.

Micromeria nervosa? Veined Savory. Not 100% sure but if not that, certainly a relative in the mint family. Growing by the large wattle tree, corner of valley road. Husband

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