Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flowers and insects by the North Watercourse

My favourite of the day: Amongst the foliage by the north watercourse the boys found a beautiful web with this extraordinary little orange and black spider. They took a few shots of it, then witnessed the small grasshopper landing in the web, the spider attack and wrap. They took numerous pics but this one I like best. Moshe

Lovely purple vetch growing by the path down to the north watercourse. Avremi

A low growing white lily now blooming under the young pines just west of gazelle field. Avremi

Growing by the trail on the way down to the north watercourse. Anagallis arvensis foemina Blue pimpernel. Known either a subspecies of scarlet pimpernel or considered a separate species A. foemina. Avremi

A grasshopper the boys found. I.D.d thanks to Rittner's site, Pyrgomorphella granosa, though I have no idea of its English name. Moshe.

A tiny yellow clover, pic taken by Avremi near the top of the trail leading down to north watercourse.

Today Moshe, Avremi and myself headed out to the northern watercourse early, 1 pm while husband was in a meeting. The boys wanted to get more greenery for their caterpillars and also look for other interesting insect life. Also, of course, I wanted to see what new flowers were out and what birds were active.

Birds active: Syrian woodpecker call heard, first one in days. Eurasian jays heard, great tits calls, graceful warblers active and seen (on top of acacia by valley road, Avremi was happy with a really nice view of it. Strident repeated prreeep call answered by another individual farther up the bank at least 50 yards off, also clear 'sisik' calls. Stone curlews heard from somewhere north.
Laughing dove and collared doves both heard cooing. Jackdaws heard. Blackbird song, Hooded crows and white spectacled bulbul also active.

Weather: 5.5 at night to 12 degrees C maximum, while we were out. Humidity at that time- ~62%,
wind W to NW 6-11 knots.

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