Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flowers and fields

I found this peculiar little pink job growing in the south part of gazelle field amongst all the other little floral. Easy to I.D. it turned out to be Silene aegyptiaca, the Egyptian campion. (Akiva)

Two gorgeous corn poppies Papaver subpiriforme, growing by dirt road near the east watercourse. Moshe found more on the gazelle field, now the boys know how to tell them from the anemones. Akiva

In response to an earlier request, developed star clover! We took a pic of a pinkish group last season but this is a close up of a fresh green one.

Today the boys came with us to gazelle field to gather foliage for their caterpillars, which are apparently developing nicely! Thorny burnet for the 'mohawks', orange dandelion for the presumed 6 spot (they like munching the flowers) and other appropriate vegetation.

Moshe noticed a couple of gazelle moving east behind the line of almond trees, following the course of the north valley water channel.

Bird life quiet compared with yesterday. European cuckoo calling again somewhere near the mid east valley ruins at sunset. Called half a dozen times then was silent. Boys missed it so they insisted on waiting there till it called again. Collared dove glimpsed but not cooing. Laughing dove cooing in the garden at 4.30 a.m. (and again later).. my bedside light could have confused it that early! Feral pigeons noticed also cooing and going into strutting and show off routine in the eaves of a building. Blackbirds singing on and off all day in garden and woods. Sunbirds very active and vocal in the cape honeysuckle. Jackdaws calling over to the east. Eurasian jays, hooded crows and chukar partridges also active. Moshe spotted a Eurasian sparrowhawk heading south over the east valley woods and we also heard a shrill complex call from somewhere south of us- perhaps a hobby back, but not a typical call. Too high and shrill for great spotted cuckoo or kingfisher.

Weather cool, more rain fell last night but despite many pools along the watercourses, very little flow while we were down there though of course the cisterns by the large pine are full. Much cumulus rolling in from the west still but ground level winds very light.

I confess I was quite unfair with my mystery pic, though I did warn you! :) I was quite impressed at the compound eye guess but I was deliberately misleading you. It is in fact a man made object- possibly the largest glitter ball in the world, now perched on Blackpool promenade England! Now you know that I will occasionally try to confuse you with man made objects, Check it out

Today's mystery pic:

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