Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brief Sunday report

~17 degrees C at ~ 4 p.m. humidity ~36%, wind SW and under 2 kt

Quiet generally.
active in the Bauhinia in the garden mid afternoon as were house sparrows, jackdaws heard from the house, white wagtail out in the street somewhere, feral pigeons on tops of buildings as usual, particularly a higher one just south west of us that is usually the hangout for a whole flock. They were ranged up around the roof rail.

In the forest, plenty Eurasian jays foraging, blackbirds active and calling, a little song towards sunset. Chiffchaff calls in the eucalyptus grove. Other calls in the pines, probably both redstarts and chiffchaffs and perhaps other small insect eating stuff hiding in the canopy. Jackdaw calls off east.

Husband walked over hoodie hill from pisgat ze'ev, met me at the bunker, saw a gazelle with short horns on his way down, running south from near the olive grove. He also saw chukar partridges up on hoodie (windsurfer ) hill... a group of four and a group of about eight, though they may have been part of the same covey from their proximity, just scattered in two parts.
A few score hooded crows up on the hill.

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