Wednesday, November 26, 2008

crab spider and other stuff

I found this wicked looking crab spider on a charred branch just by the northern watercourse. They're called crab spiders because they resemble and walk sideways like crabs. Usually I find them on flowers and often coloured in camouflage but this was two or three times bigger than those I usually see, though still small, just under 1 cm. from side to side.

Gazelles: 3 in north valley, on the south facing slope between the valley trees and the little pine grove half way up the slope, One without visible horns part walking, part running... then a female apparently followed by an adult male. Seemed the first waited for the other two to catch up, then all three continued walking up the hill towards the ridge.
hyrax: some long shrill calls from colony on the north facing slopes of north valley, below the buildings.
feral dogs: some barking from somewhere in north valley

White wagtails: heard quite a few calls from the street over the afternoon.
House sparrows:calling in gardens as usual, feral pigeons on rooftops as usual, on Elias, male strutting and turning
sunbird, various calls from the Bauhinia tree and garden in general, almost song.

Eurasian sparrowhawk, seen in flight, at least two about in north valley. common kestrel flew over.

laughing doves: keeping a very low profile, glimpse?. Jackdaws, graceful warblers, bulbuls also quiet
Hooded crows: some calls from the hills.
Eurasian Jays: glimpsed in between pines.

Blackbirds: in the garden mid afternoon again, various alarm calls. Singing in pines north facing slope toward 5 p.m.
Chukars: husband heard calls in north valley. Chiffchaff calls?
Collared doves: glimpsed, Syrian woodpeckers: calls, seen in flight between pines.

Plenty purple crocus noticed, still some Dianthus out we saw earlier in the week. ragwort flowers still out.

Temp range: 16-22.5 degrees C, 19 and falling during our walk.. shortly after 4 p.m. Humidity ~ 55%, winds W/WSW 5-7 knots

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