Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday/Thursday round up

Temp ranges today: 14.5 -20.5. Sunny, pleasant, few clouds. Jordan clearly visible in the east beyond the rift valley, the escarpment lit in the late afternoon sun.

Most delightful sighting today was of the first crocuses Colchicum (Stevenii?) of the season, blooming in many spots on the north facing slopes of north valley, along our shortcut down there. Some Dianthus and autumn squill also seen along the route.

Sunbirds active in the cape honeysuckle by the entrance. We headed out at about 4.20 p.m. House sparrows already assembling in roosts next door and in tree clump on Shadiker St.

Two flocks of jackdaws were heading off to roost at about 4.25 p.m. from the hills north toward Pisgat Ze'ev, at least 100 in the first group and another fifty plus following not far behind.

We decided to head up north valley for a few minutes, just as far as the little owl's haunts.

Gazelles: no luck today or yesterday
Hyrax: alarm screams up in the north valley side colony today, just down from the buildings.

Bat, forgot to mention, at the beginning of the week, not far from the buildings.. interesting to see a bat active beginning of November.
Little Owl: calling somewhere around the walls of the first quarry, didn't see it.
Hooded crows group north ridge, near wall by A Ram, perhaps a score. Eurasian jays active and vocal throughout the pine woods as usual, moving about as singles. Syrian woodpeckers heard. Blackbirds heard various places in teh pinewoods, Graceful warbler on the bank yesterday, European robin in the acacias along water course today?

Black redstart on the bunker rubble yesterday. Several stonechats in the scrub past the cistern within last few days.

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