Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday round up, bats in November

temp range today: 17.5 -23.5 degrees C . Time of our walk: 21 degrees +, winds WSW ~ 6kt though they had been easterlies all morning, turned about midday. Humidity in the low 50s %

: 6 moving to and fro along the watercourse on the east edge of gazelle field around sunset. Females and young from what we could make out. Grass sprouting there.
hyrax: some calls screech type.

bats seen from the cistern and a couple of places along lower valley trail as we walked south towards the pumping station, dusk. Mid november! Temps very mild though.

House sparrows: Already gathering in their roosts at about 4.15 p.m. when we headed out
Hooded crows: loose flock heading south towards sunset, perched on tops cypress north valley.. already thinking about staking out next season's territories?
Jackdaws: some calls from up on the north ridge where they were still foraging.
Jays: A few glimpsed between the pines.

Blackbirds: alarm calls and some song in the garden mid afternoon.
Sunbirds: excited calls in the Bauhinia early afternoon.
Graceful warblers: some calls.
white spectacled Bulbuls: calls down in north valley.
Other calls heard in the pines, chiffchaffs and redstarts?

Continuing clean-up- one way to recycle plastic bags.. we use them to collect litter in the forest and dispose of it properly. Plastic bottles we collect separately and put in the cage for recycling. Clean hands thoroughly afterwards! Not a lot of litter but sadly some folk don't bother taking their BBQ litter home and their are no garbage collection facilities in the park yet.

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