Monday, November 3, 2008

Looking 'upstream' up north valley towards the quarry. A rough trail leads down to the valley ahead of us, yellow flowers of the ubiquitous Inula (ragwort type) This is about where we saw the nightjar. A Ram up to our right.

Last couple of days quite mild. Today's range: 15-20.5 degrees C, at about 4.40 p.m. when we began our walk it was about 18.5 degrees C. Humidity doubled over a very short time, from about 30% to 60% around 5 p.m. when the easterlies that had been blowing for much of the day were replaced by westerlies bringing damper air from the Mediterranean.

hyrax: quite a few active just after dark along valley road.. scampered down from the bank to their woodside dens. A few alarm screams from the bank.

Little Owl.. Athene noctua on top of a pole at north curve of valley road.. flew down into north valley woods with a cry that reminded us of the stone curlews but much shorter. We had heard a few similar calls from that direction over the last week or so

Nice sighting of black redstart foraging in the bunker rubble today.
European robin heard 'ticking' near bridge, near pumping station.

House sparrows:assembling in numbers towards sunset in
laughing doves: yesterday quite a few seen foraging and about the street between here and Shadiker
Hooded crows: a few dozen heading home after foragin towards dusk.
Jackdaws: Today a flock of over 100 heading home from hills to north to their roost southwards.
Eurasian Jays: active singly in the woods as usual, some vocal
Feral pigeons: Roofs of buildings as usual
Blackbirds: chakchak call in pines after dark:
Sunbirds: active in Bauhinia as usual, some song, territorial dispute a couple of days ago. Calls
Syrian woodpeckers: calls
White spectacled Bulbuls: calls, also by rubble.
Great tits:some calls in the pines

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