Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday report, gazelle, praying mantis

Temperatures fell since yesterday.. range14 to 18.5 degrees C , at the time of our walk, shortly after 4 p.m. between 15 and 16. Winds bringing in cumulus from the west, 8-10 kt though, as we could see higher at cloud level, WSW/W/NW.

Gazelles: 5 altogether today: Two, making their way from east field, lower hill slopes to the west up north valley, in front of bat cave and on into shelter of the pines. For a brief while on the open hillside looked like one was nursing.
Third seen in east valley on the level with the watercourse deep under the pines. Final two crossed the sapling field and made their way towards the pumping station.

Black redstarts.. hard to see because in silhouette but looked like two birds using one of the pylons north gazelle field, and quite high.. never saw them use such a high point for forage.. could have been a male territorial interaction.

Eurasian Jays: about the woods as usual, seen between trees though quiet.
Blackbird: In the garden again early afternoon, various alarm calls.
White spectacled bulbuls: Various calls down in north valley.
Sunbirds: calling in the garden early afternoon.
House sparrows: Gardens as usual. White wagtail, in the street yesterday morning, forgot to mention.

Loads of lily type leaves sprouting up everywhere... operation litter clean up is still underway, spitting cucumber almost done, or maybe not, still some flowers opening. Ragwort most flowers are fluffy seedheads but not all done yet. More crocuses. My son found a tiny praying mantis today, big as my thumbnail. He describes it as 'peanut butterish' in colour with a green stripe on the back.

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