Sunday, November 9, 2008

gazelles visit the almond trees again

Buck gazelle : taken by Ruthie Schueler. This individual is one of the south of Jerusalem population.

: Four today, at about sunset, milling about beneath the large almond tree, and between that and the hawthorns, probably eating fallen nuts. One was definitely an adult male, others hard to tell in that light. One, apparently an adult female, separated from the group and headed west towards the north valley pines, followed by the male. The others lingered under the tree. At that point light was failing fast.

feral dogs: Some barking across north valley lately, on the slopes there.

white wagtail calls heard over the street. Black redstart calls ? in the pines.
House sparrows: gathering in the roost in local trees as usual, major racket by 4.30. This time after 'bedtime' they were quiet and no owl appeared. Hooded crows: calls, Jackdaws: calls. Feral pigeons: about, in flight betw. buildings
Blackbirds: heard singing in the gardens at about 3.30 p.m. various alarm calls later. Another heard singing in the pines, east end of north valley towards sunset.
Sunbirds: Heard in the gardens, squeak alarm calls, some song phrases.
White spectacled Bulbuls: Heard in the gardens, various calls and alarms.
Great tits: calls in the pines by valley road.

The lovebird staged a final break-out, his third houdini effort in a week.. this time tearing his way through my mosquito screen while my attention was diverted. He was remarkably quick at that effort. I looked up at his call and saw to my astonishment that he was out there in the Bauhinia tree, quite beautifully camouflaged amongst the large leaves. Ah well, he wants to take his chances... We kept the salon door open in case he changed his mind but nothing seemed further from it. Feisty little parrot, we enjoyed him while it lasted.

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