Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday report: feral dog family and bat

Temp range: 11.75-16 degrees C. At time of walk, shortly after 4 p.m. ~13.5 degrees C, humidity ~70%, winds SW/WSW 7-10 kt

No gazelle. Family of feral dogs coming from east end of north valley approaching sunset, dad led the group, handsome and dingo coloured, bitch, white with brown patches, clearly lactating came second, puppy, only one also white with brown patches, well fed and puppy-eager, followed after her. The male led them to central trail then headed west towards the neighbourhood. We watched a small bat in flight between cistern pine and eucalyptus grove at about 4.55 p.m. (just after sunset)

Quiet day in terms of birds.

Eurasian jays in the pines as usual, Hooded crows, a few individuals returning south to roost, one to the eucalyptus just after dark. Jackdaws heard over to the east.

Feral pigeons on tops of the buildings as usual. Laughing dove heard cooing in the garden friday about midday, first one I've heard cooing there in a while though we did have that one over on the other side of the buildings (over back porch) a few days ago. Collared dove seen flying in the large pine by the cistern.

Blackbird heard in the garden again, some calls in the pines and a snatch of song around sunset. Sunbird ticcing heard and glimpsed in the cape honeysuckle, some flowers left in there but pretty much finished, but also provides cover and insects. White wagtail heard from street both today and yesterday, and calls in the valley. (passing over to roost?) Chiffchaff calls in the pines? Sadly still no black redstart at the rubble.

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